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Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy, Jo Rivera, has some serious street cred, y'all. This hunky rapper made breaking news when he was arrested back in February 2011 for pot possession. Yep, he was smoking tokes — or as your middle-aged parent would say, "reefers."

Jo was booked for being under the influence of "a controlled dangerous substance" while driving with his brother, Edward Rivera, in Lopatcong Township, N.J., and sadly his famous face didn't get him off the hook. In fact, Lehigh Valley Live reported that Jo "mentioned to township police that he was on Teen Mom, but did not try to use his status to get out of being cited."

According to the police report, the po-po stopped Edward and Jo after seeing "sparks coming from the vehicle's undercarriage." Edward was driving the car, so Jo can thank his lucky stars that he wasn't arrested for a DUI!

Oh, and keep in mind that Jo's arrest took place almost a year ago — he's been on good behavior since!

Source: OK! / E! / Lehigh Valley Live


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