Credit: MTV Photo: Kailyn Lowry Plays With Isaac in Teen Mom 2 Season 3

On Teen Mom, young mothers open up their homes and lives to the public, but there are a few things that they keep private.

Although breastfeeding is a big part of raising a child, MTV opted not to show the girls in that private moment, Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter this week.

When a fan tweeted, “None of the Teen Mom 2 girls (as far as I know) breastfed,” Kail was quick to respond. She wrote, “Actually I did. They didn’t show it.”

Frankly, we’re thankful that every second of their lives isn’t shown on national television, especially given that so much of their lives is fair game to the MTV crew.

What do you think? Should breastfeeding be shown on Teen Mom, or do you think it’s best to leave it out? Sound off below.

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