Credit: Twitter

Remember back in the '60s when your middle-aged parents were total peace-loving hippies? Peeps back then had all kinds of interesting (read: nerdy) names for street drugs, including but not limited to "freeze," "moonrocks," "rainbows," "brown sugar," "Mary Jane," and oh yeah — "Molly," also known as Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager's adorable daughter.

Apparently, Katie has been accused of naming her sweet little gal after the street name for Ecstasy, and she's not having it. "No I did not name my daughter after a drug," Katie tweeted on February 6. "#dontbeafool."

Pshhh, as if! Katie is a responsible young woman who is way too busy being a rock star mom to have time for drug lingo. And if she was going to name her kiddo after an illegal substance, clearly "Rainbow" would be the frontrunner. Because, duh — Rainbow Brite.

Sigh, being a Teen Mom is both a curse and a blessing.