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Balancing full-time parenting, school, and a job is nearly impossible –– especially for Teen Moms. After all, they're still kids themselves! However most of MTV's whack pack are so motivated that they work hard and play hard, especially Alexandria Sekella!

On top of taking care of her sweet daughter, Baby Arabella, Alex works in the food industry. She used to have a job at McDonalds, but it looks like she's moved on up to bigger and better things. (Not that there's anything better than Chicken McNuggets.)

"No I don't work at McDonald's anymore," Alex tweeted on January 9th, adding that she now works at "a catering company in whitehall."

Wow, color us impressed! Can you believe Alex is able to maintain such a strong work ethic and be such a good parent to Arabella? Girlfriend deserves a Mommy of the Year Award.

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