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We can't wait for Briana Dejesus to sass up the small screen when Teen Mom 3 premieres in 2013, but don't expect her baby daddy, Devoin, to be in the picture. This unpredictable dude wasn't there for Briana during her pregnancy, and her certainly hasn't been there for Nova Star's childhood. But does Briana still have feelings for Devoin? Psh, don't count on it.

"Crazy how my sperm donor still acts the same..." Briana tweeted on December 4. "Lol thank god I'm so over it and can move on. Thanks @mtv 4 showing me my life. Outside in!"

As far as we know, Briana is currently single and ready to mingle — though who knows if she has time for boys what with her busy schedule of being a mom and working full-time. But hopefully she'll find a great guy who will treat her like a princess and be a wonderful father-figure to Baby Nova!

Source: Twitter

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