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Jenelle Evans is taking her love of body art to the next level — by gauging her ears!

The Teen Mom 2 star, who is pretty much covered head-to-toe in creative and colorful tats, recently posted a picture of herself with a giant stake through her earlobe. When fans asked if she was, in fact, gauging her ears, Jenelle responded with a post on Sulia.

"YES, well I'm trying lol," she explained. "I posted this picture of me trying to fit the gauge in my ear. This one is a size 0 but, I guess I'm a little bit smaller than that … lol I couldn't get it in! So I gave up I'll have to try again soon :)"

Ouch. Girlfriend much have a high pain threshold!

We're admittedly not too knowledgable on the subject, but it certainly sounds like Jenelle knows what she's doing. How do you think she'll look with gauges? Dish your style expertise below, Teen Mom fans!

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