Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom 2's most notorious troublemaker is pregnant with her second child!
Jenelle Evans didn't have the greatest experience with motherhood when she popped out her son, Jace, and this sweet kiddo currently lives with his grandmother, Barbara "I See You Wiff Keiffah" Evans. However, Jenelle and her husband, Courtland Rogers, plans on doing things right this time 'round — starting with breast feeding the baby.

But wait ... doesn't girlfriend have size C implants?!

Jenelle went under the knife to amplify her assets back in May, but fear not Teen Momers. She can still breastfeed –– even with all that silicone. "Weird... I can still breast feed with implants..." Jenelle tweeted on January 17. "Lol THAT will be interesting."

We're impressed that Jenelle plans on breastfeeding her baby despite those lovely lady lumps. After all, breastfeeding is extremely healthy for infants and can strengthen their immune systems. Looks like Jenelle is already thinking about what's best for her kid!

Source: Twitter