Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans can often be found with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, but guess what y'all? Girlfriend is ready to give up her biggest vice! As we all know, Jenelley was addicted to pot for several years, so she obviously turned to cigarettes as a substitute. But even Jenelle knows how bad cigs are for your health.

"I haven't smoked a cig in 48 hours. :)" Jenelle tweeted on August 8. "go me !!"
Of course, quitting cigarettes cold-turkey is harder than you might think — and Jenelle has had a few setbacks. "NO i do not smoke [pot] anymore!" she posted on Sulia in December. "I still smoke cigarettes but I'm trying so hard to quit along with Courtland. Its a really bad and expensive habit. Whatever rumors you hear that don't come straight from me are FALSE."

We're so proud of Jenelle for trying to quit! Do you think she'll be able to kick her bad habit to the curb?

Source: Twitter / Sulia