Jo Rivera wears many hats, but our favorite? The sideways baseball cap he rocks when his alter-ego, N.I.C.K.b (aka Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body) gears up for a rap attack.

Yep, Jo is an undiscovered rap genius. But how does he bankroll his lyrical dreams? Boyfriend saves up cash from his mysterious job! That's right, Jo works for a living — so haters to the left! While this guy hasn't dished about his most recent job, we know he was working as a copier technician back in 2011.

Jo's fellow rapper, Greystroke, took it to twitter to post a video of Jo working, and tweeted, "JO at work. Working hard like he always does. How many of you know how to service a copier machine? 'DON’T JUDGE JO IF YOU DON’T KNOW JO'. Remember 'BELIEVE NOTHING YOU HEAR AND HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE.'"

Who knows if Jo still fixes copy machines, but clearly he has great work ethic. By the way, you should probably check out his debut music video “Unthinkable Remix.” Because your life isn't complete until you've seen it.

Source: Starcasm / YouTube

Credit: MTV Photo: Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Unseen Footage: Behind the Scenes of Jo Rivera's Racy Music Video! (VIDEO)

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