Credit: Twitter

Hands up if you spent your St. Patrick's Day dressed up as a sexy leprechaun and penning incomprehensible musings on Twitter. Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham is right there with you! This gal had a St. Paddy's Day ball with her adorable daughter, Sophia, and both of them were 100 percent in the Irish spirit!

In fact, the only thing more inspirational than this
picture of Sophia all dressed up in green with an "Irish Princess" crown is this picture of Farrah wearing an enormous bowtie. The leprechauns, guys. They are happy-crying so hard right now.

Credit: Twitter

So, where did Farrah and Sophia spend St. Patrick's Day? Chances are they searched for rainbows in Farrah's hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa, but it's also possible that this dynamic duo celebrated the holidays in Los Angeles, where Farrah's rumored new boyfriend Carson Underwood lives!

Either way, it looks like Farrah and Sophia had a fabulous time. Like, we can't even imagine how many jars of Mom & Me spicy sauce was consumed in excitement, that's how much fun they had. In other news, we'll leave you with this inspirational St. Paddy's tweet courtesy of our favorite Teen Mom: 

"#WHERE ya gettin your #CornBeef today !!!!????? && That #Lucky #Irish #Beer! Send it my way!!!!"

Judging from this tweet, there's no doubt that Farrah had her fair share of #lucky #Irish #beer.