Credit: Twitter

Sophia Abraham is one lucky 4-year-old! The daughter of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham celebrated her birthday on February 23, and her famous mama pulled out all the stops. In addition to getting a makeover and her very own photoshoot, Sophia was treated to a camel ride!

"Sophia #B-Day Girl!! Camel Ride!!!" Farrah tweeted along with a picture of her tiny daughter chillin' on the enormous animal.

But the festivities didn't end there! Sophia also took a ride on a miniature pony and an elephant. Even Farrah hopped on board and joined her daughter on the giant pachyderm!

We're glad Farrah got her hands dirty and balanced out Sophia's birthday celebration with some good old-fashioned down-to-earth fun. Let's just hope she didn't pluck the camel's unibrow! Zoo animals are super hairy.

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