Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has come along way since back in the day when she used to hate on her dad, Michael. This gal has a new chin, a new nose, a new lease on life, and she's all about spending time with her family!

Credit: Twitter

"#HAPPYBIRTHDAY!!!" Farrah Abraham tweeted on February 9, along with a cute picture of Michael and Sophia. "DAD & PAPA !!! #MYMichael :) Cheers, hugs, & Loves!!!"

Awww, how cute is it that Farrah calls her dad "My Michael"? Sob, we just cried a tear made of feelings and emotions. After all, it wasn't that long ago that Farrah told Dr. Drew she had lost all respect for both her parents during Teen Mom's Season 4 reunion special. 

"It's hard to call your parents 'mom' and 'dad' when you've lost respect for them," she explained at the time. "My parents were just fighting my whole life, and after I had Sophia, they finally got divorced."

Yikes! Thank goodness Farrah and Michael have moved on from this sinister time. Sigh, Dr. Drew fixes everything. He's such an brilliant genius, guys — and his hair! He is the real Silver Fox.