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Please stop what you are doing, the time has come to discuss Passy Perfume. Otherwise known as New York Times bestselling author Farrah Abraham's debut children's book. We expect girlfriend to win a Pulitzer Prize any day now.

Credit: Kacie VandenHull Photo: Farrah Abraham's New Children's Book Passy Perfume

Farrah's book hits Kindle on December 11, and will be available to download or rent for 90 days at just $2.99. OMG, it's Christmas come early! And guys? We'll finally get a chance to meet the Passy Fairy.

"I must say the Passy Fairy exists in this brightly colored and charming book," Farrah posted on Sulia. "Plus all of our toddlers are really going to love this book because it's so relatable to them, Sophia has been reading it and she is in love literally with her real Passy Perfume and the book."

We feel so inspired right now. Passy Perfumes for everyone! Will you buy Farrah's new book this holiday season? Hit the comments and dish!

Source: Sulia