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Today is your lucky day, y'all! Farrah "Pop Princess" Abraham has taken it to the interwebs to release two more music videos for the soundtrack to her tell-all memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended.

In case you've been avoiding this controversial media storm, Farrah's new book is on the shelves and she's made a compilation of dulcet musings to go along with it. We think Farrah's songs are hoppin', but fans have been iffy.  

Check out the video for "Getting Up From Rock Bottom," a techno-infused fist-pumper. The vid appears to be raw footage that Farrah took of lights at a concert, but sadly, her pretty face doesn't make an appearance. Nor does she show up in the video for "The Sunshine State," which instead features a bunch of adorable sea turtles and swordfish. So many questions, but we love it.

At this point, we're starting to think Farrah is less of a "singer" and more of a "sound poet."

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