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Ladies and gents, Farrah Abraham has a friend in Jesus. This brunette bombshell never seemed like the most religious person on Teen Mom, but faith has become a huge part of her life — especially in recent months.

Farrah and Baby Sophia have been spending a lot of time at church-sponsored events, and Farrah recently tweeted about a fun-filled ice cream social put on by her group, Crossing Community Church.

"Sophia's loving #FacePainting #balloons #icecream @CCChurch, she wrote on August 19.

@CCChurch links to Crossing Community, a non-denominational Christian church in Newton, Pa., which has a "friendly and casual atmosphere." Members are encouraged to dress in their most comfortable clothes (Farrah's mumus are more than welcome), and they have two dozen ministries and eight missionaries in other parts of the world.

Erm, is one of them in Florida? Because last time we checked Farrah Abraham didn't live anywhere near Pennsylvania. However, there's another Crossing Community Church just outside Sanford, Fla., so it's possible that Farrah linked to the wrong church in her tweet (sigh, this girl).

Either way, it's clear that Farrah is on a deeply spiritual path. Amen to that — literally!

Source: Twitter / Crossing Community / Crossing Community

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