Credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2's literary mastermind, Farrah "Passy Perfume" Abraham, has come under fire for her recent comments about waxing and plucking her 3-year-old daughter's eyebrows, and girlfriend is more than a little defensive.

In case you need a refresher, Farrah took it to Sulia and posted a somewhat self-congratulatory story about how she waxed Sophia's unibrow, and then plucked said uni while she was asleep. As you might expect, the internet exploded in rage. Fans are concerned that Farrah is going to give Sophia a complex about her looks, but girlfriend isn't worried about it. In fact, she's being pretty defensive....

"#Unibrow's are not sacred!" Farrah tweeted. "Do the right thing #tweeze no matter what age :)"

Hmmm...not sure how we feel about this. Usually we agree with most of Farrah's opinions –– especially when it comes her love for spicy Italian pepper sauce, but plucking a toddler's eyebrows? We barely even maintain our own uni!

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