Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Farrah Abraham Keeks

From adult films to Keek, our girl Farrah Abraham is exercising her acting skills at every possible moment. But on April 22, it was Farrah’s 4-year-old daughter, Sophia, who was the real actress.

The Teen Mom star shot a 36-second video of her “sleeping” daughter in which Soph snored on cue and managed to almost hold back her telling smile when Farrah revealed that the youngster was fake sleeping.

It’s nice to see Farrah spending some quality time with Sophia outside of Vivid Entertainment. The last time these two were spotted out together, Farrah was taking Soph to negotiations for her sex tape! That’s a different approach mother-daughter bonding!

It’s also nice to see Farrah sitting in the backseat of the car following her March 18 DUI. Lately her father, Michael, has been chauffeuring her around so he might be the driver in this new clip.

Sophia’s lucky that her mom’s only filming her while she “sleeps” this time. In the past, Farrah has admitted to waxing her daughter’s “unibrow” while the tot was snoozing. Fortunately, Soph’s eyebrows were looking perfectly normal and she now has this special clip to remember them by for years to come!

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