Credit: YouTube

Welcome to the best day of your life, otherwise known as The Day Farrah Abraham Strapped a Fake Unibrow to Her Face. This gal received a huge amount of criticism after she admitted to waxing her daughter Sophia's "uni," and she's fighting back in the most out-there (read: deranged) way ever.

Please run (don't walk) and watch this magnificent unibrow-waxing video from Farrah, which we assume is meant to mock Anderson Cooper and the folks on Good Morning America, who chastised her for waxing Sophia's baby hair.

"I hear it can be ultra-distracting when you have a unibrow, but some people just like it," Farrah says. "So for the trend that's going around right now, embrace the unibrow and all the hair, 'cause it's sexy. I love my unibrow and I just wanna get my feedback from my daughter!"

Sophia's reaction? "I don't wanna do my unibrow. It looks kinda messy."

Real talk, girl. Now excuse us while we go analyze this video and write a thesis on it. There's just so much to discuss.

Source: YouTube