Credit: Twitter

Farrah Abraham might not be a Teen Mom star anymore, but girlfriend makes plenty of dolla dolla bills thanks to her various momtrepreneurial enterprises (Passy Perfume, anyone?). In other words, she has money to throw away!

This lady is super responsible with her cash, but everyone needs to chillax once and awhile — and what better place to do so than at a casino! Farrah recently hit the slots to gamble away her hard-earned cash, and tragically she didn't come up a winner.

"Woohoo !!!!!! I didn't lose it ALLLL #Casino," Farrah posted on Twitter along with a picture of 17 cents.

So, how much money did our favorite fashionista lose? Don't worry, gang, it looks like she only put in five big ones — at least according to this hilarious picture of Farrah fanning herself with a handful of dollar bills.

Make it rain, girl.

Source: Twitter / Twitter