Credit: Instagram

In case you haven’t been able to get your head out of your copy of My Teenage Dream Ended When I Used Some Passy Perfume, we’re here to tell you about Farrah Abraham’s burgeoning music career. 

This Teen Mom released her debut single “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom,” and now she’s looking to continue turning the music industry upside down with some new tunes.

But this time she’s looking to collaborate with some other musicians in order to boost her street cred. Her first victim choice? Alternative singer, Pato.

The two have been conversing via Twitter about a potential collaboration over the last few days:

@F1abraham: Helłllllło Pato... you wanna laugh at something?

@patomotown: Yes I what?!

@F1abraham: your manager (louis) reached out to me & i sent him a little rhyme i thought of after seeing your vids... lmao did he send it2u

@patomotown: Haha! Really?! Glad I inspired you to write some rhymes.. Louie is the best! I'm sure he'll send it...I gotta see this! lol :)

@F1abraham: yes we were talking about collab, you down mr. Michigan ?!

Surprisingly, Pato never responded to Farrah’s request. Will the collaboration of the century ever come to pass? Only time will tell. For now, we’ll have to satisfy our Farrah cravings by guzzling some Italian Pepper Sauce and listening to “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom” on repeat. Twist our arms!

Do you think Farrah and Pato should collaborate? Tell us your thoughts below!