Credit: Twitter

Fact: Farrah Abraham is a world-famous chef who loves nothing more than dipping things in spicy sauce. This gal went to culinary school and has plans to open a restaurant/bar called F&S, and you can bet that she's eaten her fair share of crazy foods over the years. But the wackest thing Farrah's ever binged? Read on, tender souls. And don't say we didn't warn you...
"So, what is the craziest thing I've ate? Well, I think being a chef and being in that school environment, I ate a lot of crazy things, and I think a lot of chefs can cheers to that," Farrah says in a recent YouTube video. "But I remember some candid moments with fabrication, so with the animal, whether it's frozen or alive, you kill it, you clean it, you cook it. So, let's think of that with cows, pigs, fish, and some other stuff. And it did definitely scar my memory. In amazing ways."

Errrr, we're not really sure what Farrah's talking about here, but it appears that she spent her formative years slaughtering cows, pigs, and other adorable farm animals. And then eating them. Oh, and it scarred her in "amazing ways."

It's like, you think you know a Teen Mom, and then she declares her penchant for animal slayings.