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Not gonna lie: We're addicted to television. In fact, we're even more addicted to television than we're addicted to hair feathers. It's a problem, but we're not alone!

Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham admits that TV and computers are a huge part of her daughter Sophia's life, but for educational purposes — duh!

"While watching the 'Biggest Loser' they preach not to watch TV that much but YET in order to learn and it has been proven, TV & the Internet is a key source of education and can really progress a learning curve, and a career," Farrah posted to Sulia on January 15. "This is funny because Literally my daughter uses her computer for all of her learning lessons… even at school half the school year is about self-learning via computer or TV…." 

Computer education is certainly important, but we're slightly surprised by Sophia's TV intake. According to Nielsen, children ages 2 to 5 watch more than 32 hours of television a week, which is downright shocking. A little TV here and there never hurt anyone, but do you think kiddos like Sophia would be better off playing with peers and working on their creative skills?

Hit the comments and dish. How much TV is too much? Oh, and to quote Farrah "USE YOUR TV or COMPUTER wisely verses feeding your obese inner person."

Source: Sulia / Livestrong