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Have you ever looked at Farrah Abraham’s toned bod and thought, “I want to look like her this Valentine’s Day”? Well, you’re in luck.

Our favorite momentrepreneur has continued to expand her extensive skill set and is now looking to be your personal trainer.

With her “V-shape” inspired workout video, fans get the chance to try five different positions all from the comfort of their beds.

Credit: STILL

In the video, Farrah wears a cute leopard-print sports bra with matching yoga pants and enjoys pumping herself and the audience up. 

“Woo! How you like me now?!” she shouts after one particularly vigorous move.

Farrah also manages to plug her two books My Teenage Dream Ended and Passy Perfume and her techno-tastic single, “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom” in the course of this 12-minute vid.

Do you think you’ll try Farrah’s workout? Check out the video and tell us your thoughts below!