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Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham has so many feelings and emotions about so many important worldly issues. Worldly issues like American Idol, aka our favorite singing competition-slash-wig appreciation show.
Farrah is a huge fan of Idol, but it's newest judge, Nicki Minaj? Not so much. "I don't know if she has a case of extreme bipolar, or just likes to act ghetto, maybe just out of control," Farrah posted on Sulia, making us feel extremely awkward while doing so. "Maybe she should never apply to do a show ever again."
The good news? Saint Farrah approves of our personal muse, Mariah Carey. "Love her voice, and her great momma pants she fills," Farrah says.
We also love Mariah's mom jeans, but Farrah's harsh words about Nicki seem slightly out of line. And this isn't the first time Farrah's blasted a fellow celeb. Remember when she flew into a Twitter rage about Kourtney Kardashian's second pregnancy?

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Source: Sulia