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Farrah Abraham and Kim Kardashian have a lot in common. They're both reality starlets, they both released Grammy-worthy singles, and they both got knocked up before putting a ring on it. Oh, and they're both rocking seriously bodacious bodies –– though Farrah's is more than a little enhanced.

Fans have recently accused Farrah of getting cosmetic surgery in order to look like our girl Kim, and she's taken it to the interwebs to slam down these rumors! "i've been seeing these ridiculous claims of me trying to be as fake as (KIM K.) ' (.)(.)' hahaha or '(__0__)' boobs or butt count me out on that!" Farrah posted on Sulia.
Turns out Farrah had very specific reasons for getting breast implants, a nose job, and a chin implant, and she's listing them right here, right now!

Farrah says that she "did not act upon any enhancments [sic] due to, peer pressure, being irresponsible with money, or secretly trying to immatate [sic] some one [sic] else." She also says "I do not feel everyone should have enhancements done. I wish everyone would love themselves naturl [sic] and as beautiful as they are."

But does Farrah want to look like Kim Kardashian? No way! However, she does want to look like a princess. "if I wanted to look like anyone other then me that would be JASMINE," she writes. "Princess Jasmine to be exact because I here I look like the real life version of her."

Wait...does that make Debra, Jafar?

Source: Sulia