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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been in the news lately due to her DUI woes. But thank goodness she was able to put her arrest troubles aside just in time to spend Easter with her family and daughter, Sophia.

The momtrepreneur gave her fans a Twitter and Facebook play-by-play of her excellent Easter weekend, including a culinary masterpiece of a spring salad, an Easter egg hunt with 4-year-old Sophia in the backyard (where Sophia got to see a real bunny!), and finally a family photo with Farrah, Sophia, and her parents, Michael and Debra.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Sophia Abraham Holds a Duckling For Easter

Farrah and her daughter went on to hang out with some chicks — and we mean real chicks, not hot girls — as well as some ducklings and Soph even got to hold one. Aww!  

Credit: Twitter

And, of course, the festivities wouldn’t be complete if the best-selling author didn’t take one of her infamous holiday-themed photos. This time, our girl Farrah's donning a basket on her head, rocking egg-shaped shutter shades, and kissing a decorated egg.

The Teen Mom star seemed overjoyed to spend the holidays with her family and even had a mimosa with her parents. Thankfully this time Farrah didn't get behind the wheel.

Sources: Twitter/Facebook/Sulia