Credit: Twitter Photo: Farrah Abraham and Sophia Try to Show That It’s 2013

Brace yourselves, Teen Mom fans. No, really, hold onto something so you don't pass out, because apparently Farrah Abraham is coming to another small screen near you. This gal is currently in negotiations to sell her debut porn flick (co-starring adult film legend James Deen), and now it looks like she's taking part in some mysterious TV show. Fingers crossed that it's G-rated.

"Good morning, it is rise and shine at the crack of dawn, like 5 am," Farrah posted on Keek. "And I'm being super mom, working and running 100 miles an hour. So as usual. And I'm gonna go be on a new show. To help out some girlfriends, so I'm excited for them."


No word yet as to what lucky show Farrah will grace with her presence, but we'd love nothing more than to see her bond with the ladies on The View. Whoopi has questions, and she needs answers.

In other news, if you’d like to hear Farrah sing a "hilarious" Keek-themed song, please click here to watch her inspirational video in its full glory.

What show do you think Farrah is making an appearance on? Hit the comments and dish your theories!

Source: Keek