Credit: MTV Photo: It's Farrah Abraham!

Time to check in on Farrah Abraham, aka Teen Mom's resident beauty queen, literary muse, songstress, and pasta sauce binger! The brunette bombshell has stirred up a bit of controversy in the past when it came to her unusual parenting style, and shows no signs of stopping. The Teen Mom star recently treated her adorable toddler, Sophia, to a professional manicure!

It's no secret that Farrah is somewhat obsessed with her kiddo's looks. In fact, she infamously waxed and plucked Sophia's "unibrow" while she was sleeping, and recently dolled her up in full makeup for a photoshoot — but is Sophia slightly too young to be getting a professional manicure? After all, she's just a little kid!

Credit: Twitter Photo: Farrah Abraham Takes Sophia For Professional Pedicure

"#Sophia the 1st gets her nails done like a pro:)" Farrah tweeted along with an adorable picture of her baby gal chillin' like a fabulous fashionista with her feet soaking in water. "#Momma'sProud."

Awww, adorable! Sure, Sophia shouldn't have to stress about looking picture perfect at the tender age of four, but what little gal doesn't love getting her pretty on every once in a while? Just ask Teen Mom 2star Leah Messer who took her twins, Aliannah and Aleeah Simms, for the same salon treatment!

Do you think Farrah made the right choice in letting Soph get a pedicure? Spill in the comments!

Source: Twitter