Credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham has a lot of opinions, and all of them are fabulous. Except for that one time she endorsed toddler unibrow waxing, but let's just pretend that whole thing never happened...

Despite the fact that she's a super-busy momtrepreneur and celebutante, Farrah is all kinds of political. Remember how feisty she was during the 2012 presidential elections? Girlfriend was practically macking on her Mitt Romney poster. But despite being a die-hard republican, Farrah is pretty cutting edge when it comes to gun legislation.

This gal was extremely affected by the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook, and has since called for stricter gun laws — including required mental health tests for gun owners!

"#GunControl there needs to be a #MentalHealthTest for gun owners," Farrah tweeted on February 7. "#OUTofCONTROL permit use."

OMG, Farrah for president! Do you agree with this gal's call for mental health tests? Hit the comments and dish!

Source: Twitter