Credit: Instagram

Ladies, prepare for a romantic night in: Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham wants to write a 50 Shades of Grey-esque romance novel! As we all know, Farrah is a literary genius who's already penned classics like My Teenage Dream Ended and Passy Perfume, so we expect her "romance fantasy book" to be amazing –– especially considering the titles she's come up with.

Let's see, according to Farrah's Sulia she's deciding between "Ballistic (for the love of balls), Sexcapade (for the love of a housewife), Becky Becky ( for the love of dark chocolate lovers), Go Head (for the love of highschoolers & college crowds), [and] Cumlotty ( for the love of fraturnity and young professionals)."
We'll give you a moment to process this information....

Obviously, Farrah's upcoming semi-pornographic novel is going to be completely amazing, but the real question: Should she name the book Cumlotty or Ballistic? Both names are inspiring to say the least, but we're leaning towards Cumlotty for obvious reasons. Also, fingers crossed that Farrah will make an accompanying album to this bad boy.

Source: Sulia