Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom 2's Farrah Abraham came under fire after she waxed and tweezed her daughter Sophia's "unibrow," but guys? This momtrepreneur just took things to a whole new level of questionable in a new birthday photoshoot with Baby Soph.

Despite knowing she'd probably be side-eyed, Farrah dressed her kiddo up in full makeup (like, we've never worn so much blush) and had Sophia pose with a bright pink bra. Yes, a bra. As usual, Soph looks completely adorable, but we're not sure about the full face of makeup. Or the fact that she's holding lingerie. At the age of 4.

Click here to see the picture.

Sure, Sophia looks glamorous (she'd win all the Toddlers and Tiaras awards, just saying), but she might be a little young to rock lipstick, blush and a bra. Did Farrah take things too far (again, sigh), or is this pic completely innocent and sweet? Hit the comments and tell us what you think of this little gal's new look! After all, lots of kids play dress up! Usually not with bras, but whatever … girlfriend is a pioneer. Or something.

Source: Twitter