Credit: MTV

You guys, we are so inspired by how inspired Farrah Abraham is by her own inspirational self. It's all just so meta and beautiful.

Naturally, we're talking about Farrah's recent bikini pictures in Florida, where her assets and perfectly toned stomach are on full display. There's no denying that home girl looks hot, and we're not the only ones who think so.
"So this is my inspiration today!" Farrah tweeted on January 10th. "Thank you face bookers @f1abraham I think a new workout video is in the works;)"
OMG, yes! We love that Farrah is so pumped up by her own fabulous body! Plus, we'd definitely benefit from her workout video considering that we spent this winter chowing down on yule logs, cheetos, and giant packets of beef jerky.

Would you watch Farrah's workout videos? And more importantly, are you as inspired as she is by her bikini body?