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It's a pre-Christmas miracle, everyone! Despite causing mass blindness and chronic nausea, Farrah Abraham's debut porn flick, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, is a smash hit. Like, Internet trolls are flocking to this thing faster than we flock to free pizza.

According to TMZ, not only did Farrah's X-rated sex romp (co-starring James Deen) manage to crash Vivid Entertainment's website for a full nine minutes on the morning of May 6, the flick brought in more than 2 million visitors in just 12 hours! That's right, there are 2 million people in the world who want to see Farrah in all her backdoor glory — which is almost quadruple the amount of viewers (600,000) that watched Kim Kardashian and Ray J's sex tape when it premiered on Vivid's website! So many questions and concerns.

Luckily, the computer nerds over at Vivid were able to "access additional servers" to handle "the immense load" of people peeping on Farrah's tape. Thank goodness, because we were really worried for a moment there.

In other news, Farrah has no intention of watching her sex tape, which means we finally have something in common with her!

Source: TMZ