Credit: Twitter

Jenelle Evans gave herself the gift of larger breasts last week, and the Teen Mom 2 star is wasting no time in showing them off!

Though she is not fully healed, Jenelle posted a pic of herself posing in a hot pink bikini. 

"was a B now a full C," she told a Twitter follower who asked her new bra size.

When someone elsed why her new boobs were "so far apart," Jenelle replied, "thats becuz they r still hard and not even soft yet. Its hasn't even been a week since I got the surgery and recovery is 6 weeks."

While Jenelle seems very happy with her new look, she declared that this is the only time she'll modify her body.

"hell no I wouldn't do any other kind of form of plastic surgery forever," she said.

What do you think of Jenelle's new chestal area?

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