Credit: via David Alvarez

Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with Daniel Alvarez, the hottie Farrah Abraham introduced to baby Sophia in last night's episode of Teen Mom, and he was nice enough to share a picture of the pair from his personal collection.

Although Daniel and Farrah had a pretty nasty breakup (we can't wait to see how this one plays on TV!), the couple did enjoy some happier times. In this picture, which was taken just before their split during a trip to Austin, Texas in August 2011, Daniel is all smiles with his arm wrapped tightly around Farrah's shoulder.

Although their relationship was short-lived (two months to be exact), it heated up rather quickly — Daniel had already introduced Farrah to his dad and step-mom, who are pictured on the right.

It's a bummer things didn't work out between these two — they make one heck of good-looking couple, don't you think?

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