Credit: Facebook

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans recently reunited with her ex-fiance, Gary Head, but it looks like there might be trouble in paradise. Rumor has it Jenelle's in Florida for a 30-day therapeutic rehab session, and what's Gary up to in her absence? Oh, you know — just hanging nonstop with her public enemy no.1, Hannah Inman!


Credit: Facebook Photo: Jenelle Evans and Hannah Inman at Pasion Photo Shoot

Jenelle and Hannah were once joined at the hip, but their friendship went south after they became roomies. Jenelle accused Hannah of never paying rent, not doing her laundry, and using Jenelle for her fame, and as you might expect Hannah was displeased. She retaliated by posting provocative party pics of Jenelle, and then Jenelle posted naked pictures of Hannah in return. 

But wait, it gets worse!

Jenelle took Hannah to court, and then Hannah had Jenelle arrested twice — once for "communicating threats" and another time for violating a "domestic protection order."

So, how does Gary figure into this hot mess? He and Hannah have major history! Back when Gary and Jenelle were breaking up for round one, Gary tweeted "I miss Hannah Inman. I should of went with my gut feeling the whole time. But lessons learned & I'm gonna make things right with her."

As far as we know, Gary and Hannah never hooked up, but it's definitely strange that they're chillin' while Jenelle is away. Although Gary did clarify that he and Hannah are just friends. "Just BC I'm with my FRIEND does not mean I'm [hooking up with] her," he tweeted. "Kick rocks with your assumptions."

Do you think Jenelle will be mad when she finds out that Gary is hanging with Hannah? Hit the comments!