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Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is currently locked in the clink, thanks to her prescription drug addiction, and her poor family are heartbroken without her!

Amber voluntarily went to jail after opting out of her court-ordered rehab program, and at first it seemed like she made a half-decent decision. After all, how much trouble can she get into behind bars?

Sadly, Amber's absence is having a negative effect on those who love her the most, and her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, is desperate for her to get out of jail free. Gary has been praying that Amber will be released before her five year sentence is up, and now he's appealing to the highest power in the U. S. of A. for help. Yep, Barack Freakin' Obama.

"Hey @BarackObama I voted for you," Gary tweeted on August 5. "Can you get Amber out of prison? Please. Well have dinner with you."

Awww, Gary! We're positive Obama would love nothing more than to have dinner with you and Amber — but we're pretty sure he has other things on his mind. Like saving the country from economic crisis and whatnot.

Then again, it never hurts to dream big. Reach for the stars, Gary!

Source: Twitter

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