The time has come to check in on our favorite watermelon farmer, Gary "I Sow My Seed" Shirley. This adorable love muffin has earned a tender place in our hearts thanks to his constant support of Teen Mom's Amber Portwood. You'd think after she half-choked him to death, he'd be sick of her — but nope. Boyfriend is standing by his baby mama's side through thick and thin! In fact, he's even considering attending Al-Anon support group meetings to better understand her.

"Amber's doing very well," Gary tweeted on December 2. "She says thx's for the letters and she's getting the help she needs. I'm looking into Al-Anon classes to understand her."

Of course, Amber's main addiction was to drugs (specifically Fentanyl patches), but as Gary says "typically alcohol and drugs run hand in hand." We're so proud of this dude for trying to understand Amber — he's such a stand-up guy.

Celebratory watermelons for everyone!

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