Everyone put your hands together and give Teen Mom's most cuddly baby daddy, Gary Shirley, a round of applause. This lovable papa bear is truly a jack of all trades, and just when we thought he couldn't get any more amazing, he ups and turns into a nurse. Yep, dude is a watermelon farmer by day, organic tomato producer by later in the day, and nurse aide by even later in the day. It's like, what can't this classy gent do?

Gary enrolled in a nursing program at Ivy Tech Community College in January 2013, and after 105 hours of training, this Teen Mom pop is a certified nurse aide! Gary posted a Twitpic of his mini-diploma on March 9, along with the caption:

Credit: Twitter Photo: Teen Mom's Gary Shirley Gets His Nursing Certificate!

"Yeah son. Get some. Haha I completed my class just passed the test."

Congratulations, Gary! We can't wait for this dude and his creative facial hair to stitch us up. And who knows, maybe Gary will inspire his MTV co-stars, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer, to finish their nursing degrees. Crazier things have happened in Teen Mom land, that's all we're saying...

Now excuse us while we go buy a watermelon, grab some grape tomatoes, and think of Gary.

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