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The time has come to pluck a watermelon from your bountiful garden and prepare your body for a Gary Shirley update. This lovable Teen Dad is an inspiration to millions of people (great parent? Check! Hilarious tweeter? Double check!), and now he's getting his fitness on!

There's no doubt that Gary is a big guy, but lately he's taken a turn for the healthy. It all started when this fella planted an epic garden and started eating homegrown fruits and veggies, and now he wants to exercise. How, you ask? A little thing called Zumba, aka the most female-dominated workout ever.

"Just signed up for a Zumba class @followevan and I," Gary tweeted. "All girls except for us."

Gary's always been a ladies man, so we have no doubt he'll kill it in Zumba. Plus, this lovable pop will get in great shape, so it's a win-win. The Garden Gods approve, Gary!

Source: Twitter

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