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The Teen Moms have lots of thoughts for you to ponder this week, so listen up and check out the six best quotes from another fantastic episode. Remember: If there's one thing we've learned from watching Farrah, it's that one should never wear maxi dresses to horseback riding lessons.

6. Farrah gets pumped about horseback riding: "This is like a little adventurous journey."
Aw, she's so cute.

5. Farrah plans her perfect date: "Let’s ride cows. I want to ride a longhorn."
Nothing more romantic than sitting on top of a cow, right guys?

4. Catelynn's friend guards her territory: "Get off my taco."
We feel you girl. Tacos are serious business.

3. Farrah chats about her date to Debra: "We were just talking about random sh*t, not anything serious, so I had a great time."
We love stimulating convos about "random sh*t!"

2. Bentley remains adorable: "Are they miss me?"
Ahhhhhhh, our hearts are melting!

1. Ryan disses Maci: "I wouldn’t trust her with fifty cents."
It's true, she wouldn't be able to resist the call of the vending machine. Cheetoooooos! 

Credit: MTV Photo: Teen Mom Sneak Peek: Tyler's Dad Butch Goes Back to Jail in Season 4, Episode 8 (VIDEO)

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