Credit: Clint Brewer / Splash News Photo: Gary Shirley Waits for a Taxi in Hollywood, April 8, 2011

It's tough being a single parent, and no one knows that better than Teen Mom's most lovable baby daddy, Gary Shirley.

Gary is raising his daughter all on his lonesome while her momma, Amber Portwood, hangs out behind bars, but he's doing his best to give Leah a summer of healthy fun!

Gary planted a veggie garden earlier this year, and now he's gorging on his very own produce! Gary's tomatoes look delish, but have you seen his watermelons? These bad boys are positively scrumptious, and they even won Gary a blue ribbon. "My watermelon won," Gary tweeted along with a pic.

Credit: Twitter

Congrats, buddy!

In other news, Gary has taken to tweeting completely amazing words of wisdom about mother earth. "I'm a free spirit," Gary mused. "I tweet whatever i want I feel a connection w the earth therefore I am. I'm just another plant on Gods earth."

True that, Gary. You are the most delish watermelon of all.

Source: Twitter / Twitter

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