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When it comes to social media, Kailyn Lowry isn't your everyday Twitter addict. Sure, she posts about trivial things like hair and makeup (read: important things), but she also uses her platform to chat about what really count. Like politics, charity, gay marriage, and bullying. Basically, she's our Internet bestie.

Kailyn is gearing up for Teen Mom 2's Season 3 premiere on Monday, November 12 at 10 pm ET, so as you might expect she's excited about landing some new Twitter followers.
"Can we get to 500k followers before the premiere?!" Kailyn tweeted during the Teen Mom 2 Catch Up Special on October 30. "#please #thankyou <3333."

You heard the lady, y'all. Follow @KailLowry and help her reach her goal of 500k!

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