Credit: Survivor/Pacific Coast News Photo: Hilary Duff Almost Drops Her Son on Jan. 10, 2013

Hilary Duff is an amazing mom, but just like anyone, she slips up now and again.

While out and about with her adorable almost-10-month-old son, Luca, on Jan. 10, she had a little trouble keeping her grip on the slippery tot. Her little guy nearly took a tumble as they walked away from their car, but thankfully she caught him in the nick of time!

Other celebs have been careless with their children — in fact, Peaches Geldof tipped her stroller over last year, sending her daughter across the sidewalk — but Hilary is not one of them. This young mama was very careful to have a two-handed grip on Luca, keeping him from falling even after he squirmed in her arms. She also successfully dodged the paparazzi (for the most part) while holding him, something that Britney Spears memorably had trouble with back in 2006.

Do you think Hilary is a responsible mom? Sound off below.

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