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We're still happy-crying (read: ugly-heaving) over Jeremy Calvert's adorable proposal to Leah Messer. Yes, it took place in a terrifying mountain lodge and we half expected a yeti to pop out of the woods like "hey, ya'll," but there's no denying that the proposal was top-notch.

Credit: MTV

Jeremy recently chatted with MTV and said he didn't think twice about popping the question to Leah. In fact, he spontaneously walked into a jewelry store, saw the ring, and snatched it up on the spot. Of course, he failed to ask Leah's meemaw and peepaw for her hand in marriage, but it's all good! 

"I'm pretty sure they were expecting it, and are happy with how everything has turned out," Jeremy says, adding that his and Leah's relationship is "strong and fresh." 

MTV was around for the beginning of this happy couple's 'ship, and Jeremy says his favorite memories of the early days were taking Leah for rides on his motorcycle (which he has since sold in the wake of Leah's pregnancy). "I even bought her a pink helmet," he says. 

Sob, nothing says love like a fashionable-yet-safe piece of headgear! Do you think Leah and Jeremy make a cute couple? Hit the comments and pour out those lovin' feelings.

Source: MTV