Credit: Instagram

Maci Bookout is in a long-distance relationship with her new beau, Taylor McKinney, and keeping the love alive is a full-time job. Maci lives in Tennessee and Taylor lives in Dallas, and despite the fact that these two see each other all the time, they miss each other like whoa!

Credit: Instagram

Well, thank the good lord for a little thing called FaceTime, y'all. And sexting, but let's keep things PG-13.

Maci and Taylor have been FaceTiming themselves silly while they're apart, and Maci has the adorable picture to prove it. 

"He is so pretty, but he gonna kill me for this!" Maci posted to Instagram on January 31, along with an adorable photo of her and Taylor's FaceTime session. "Oh the joy of long distance relationships! @tmon3yyy #facetime #longdistance #texas #tennessee #adorehim."

Now, before you crack open a pint of ice cream and eat all your emotions, let's give Maci an internet fist-bump. We're so happy this ginger bombshell has finally found the man of her dreams! Read: We're so happy she's finally realized that dudes named Kyle aren't the only eligible bachelors in the dirty south.

Do you think Maci and Taylor make a cute couple? There's only one acceptable answer to this question (yes!), but hit the comments and tell us what you think!

Source: Instagram