Credit: Instagram

Spring has sprung, birds are chirping, our Uggs are smothering us but we're wearing them anyway, and the time has come to buy a floral-print Snuggie! Now that the weather has finally warmed up, the Teen Mom ladies face the daunting challenge of purchasing brand new wardrobes for their kiddos — after all, they've grown out of last year's shorts and T-shirts!

Most of the Teen Moms don't have a ton of extra cash to spend on styling their children pretty, but Kailyn Lowry recently threw down a few hundy on her baby boo, Isaac! Let's just say girlfriend knows how to bargain shop like whoa.

"I got 3 outfits at Children's Place for like $75 then 13 outfits at Target for $120," she tweeted on April 9. "I think I know where to shop now! #isaac #springclothes."

Two hundred big ones doesn't seem like that much to spend on 16 outfits (we'd spend that much on a vat of chicken wings, let's be real), but some fans are surprised by Kailyn's spending.

"Must be nice to have money," a fan tweeted, to which Kailyn responded "Yes. My husband and I work hard for it. And when my son needs clothes that fit, we get them on a budget."

This gal is so money savvy! And before you assume that Javi is the only member of their family who works for a living, don't forget that Kail is an online sales rep for both Scentsy and Origami Owl. Lady brings home the bacon