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Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the drama that is Kieffer “Pipe Master” Delp vs. Gary Head vs. Courtland Rogers that we forget that none of these gentlemen is the father of Jenelle Evans’s son, Jace.

Jace’s papa is one Andrew Lewis, and apart from being completely out of the picture, there’s not too much we know about this man … until now.

Jenelley recently took to her favorite public platform to rant about her baby daddy.

So, apparently, her former honey was a wannabe model, but we were a tad bit more focused on his age.

If he’s almost 28 years old now, then that would have made him how old when Jenelle got pregnant? Don’t worry, she cleared that up for us.

When a fan asked, "lmao so you were 16 [hooking up with] a 23yr old?” Jenelle replied, "Yupp."

Yikes! Who would have thought that The Delp, Mr. Head, and Courty B were a step up from her former flame?

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