Credit: MTV/WENN Photo: Jenelle Goes to Rehab in Season 2, Episode 12, Love Will Tear Us Apart

The season finale of Teen Mom 2 was filled with emotional high and lows, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few LOLs along the way.

After all, that’s what Barbara Evans is for! Check out the 10 best quotes of the night, and yes — shower sex is involved.

10. Jenelle’s bag gets searched: “I probably have a blunt wrapper in there.”

After all, a gal never knows when she might have to roll a blunt.

9. Jo kisses and tells: “We ended up having sex in the shower.”

 Apparently Kailyn’s bed wanted nothing to do with Jo’s facial hair.

8. Chelsea pumps up Aubree: “Pound it.”

Aubree: “No.”

Chelsea: “Pound it.”

Aubree: “No.”



7. Barbara greets Jenelle at the airport: “Hey, look at you with that Hollywood hat!”

 And look at you with those sweatpants, Babs.

6. Jo rejects Kailyn: “I’m not trying to commit to any woman now, I’m just living my life.”

Otherwise known as Living La Vida Loca.

Credit: MTV Photo: Chelsea and Aubree Are Cute in Season 2, Episode 12, Love Will Tear Us Apart

5. Chelsea checks out a Ferrari with Aubree: “We’d be getting some dudes in there.”

Chelsea’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

4. Kieffer chats with Jenelle: “You’re really going to be straight done with me?”

Don’t worry, Kieffer. We’ll never be straight done with you.

3. Jenelle’s chats about Barbara: “She’s very attached to you for some reason.”

Try not to sound so surprised ....

2. Jenelle’s T-shirt tries to send us a message: “The rest is her story.”

Suddenly, we feel very inspired.

1. Barbara opens her present: “For me? Oh my gawd, a Hollywood shirt!”

We’ve never seen anyone so excited about a hoodie. Well, other than Kieffer.

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