Credit: MTV Photo: 16 and Pregnant: Hope, Ben, and Tristan

Time to check in on everyone's favorite aspiring bounty hunter, 16 and Pregnant's Hope Harbert! Last time we touched base with this gal, she and her adorable boyfriend Ben were happier than ever with their son, Tristan Blaise, and were even thinking of popping out another kiddo!

"Maybe in a year is what i'm thinking lol Ben says 5 years though haha... We shall see," Hope tweeted on April 2, 2012.

Of course, Ben and Hope did make a quick stop at Splitsville Station shortly after their episode of 16 and Pregnant aired, but fear not. They're back on track and it looks like they're officially on their way getting married!

"Look what Ben brought home :)," Hope tweeted along with a fabulous diamond ring from Kay Jewelers.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Hope Halbert Receives Diamond Ring From Boyfriend Ben!


Hope's diamond stunner definitely fits the engagement ring bill, but she told Gather that her relationship with Ben isn't quite there yet. Um, if this is just a pre-engagement ring, we can't even imagine how fabulous Hope's real engagement ring will be! Just look at how sparkly that bad boy is!

Hope is currently in school, but once she graduates, marriage is definitely on the horizon.

"Probably marriage, another baby, buying a house all the fun stuff :)" Hope tweeted when a fan asked what her post-college plans were. Awww, we're so happy for this sweet couple!

And remember, guys:  Every kiss begins with K.

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